Band Photoshoot with Black Orchid Empire in an Abandoned Building | East London

Back at the beginning of the summer, Dave got in contact with me about taking some photos for his band, Black Orchid Empire. They were planning an awesome video shoot and wanted to get some cool stills to accompany the release. Naturally, I jumped at the chance!

I love shooting bands. Musicians are incredibly interesting people and almost always have an interesting aesthetic to boot. The guys in BOE band are really cool too. They're highly self aware and know exactly how they want their art to be presented to the world. They made it clear they didn't simply want the all too common "bunch of guys stood against a brick wall" shot. They were after something with more substance and depth.

To my delight, the band had selected an incredible abandoned factory location in East London for the shoot. I've always been fascinated by abandoned spaces. There's a sense of time having stopped still as the world carried on oblivious to the rotting history within.

The shoot took place late on an August afternoon, and since much of the roof of the factory had caved in long ago, the space was bathed in warm, late summer light.

Together we all explored the cavernous space to pick the most interesting spots and finished up with some stunning images.

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Below are some shots of this amazing space, and the final band shots.

N.B. At the owner's request, I will not be sharing the location of the building. The structure is in a very poor state and is dangerous. Please don't ask. Additionally, I am not encouraging you to go and break into abandoned buildings for photoshoots. Access to this site was at the permission of, and supervised by the owner.