My Every Day Carry | Creative Flatlay Imagery Featuring My Essential Items

I first stumbled across Every Day Carry (EDC) a few years ago on Tumblr. The concept is simple; lay out all of the essential items that you can't leave home without, take a photo, and share it with a little detail about your stuff. Easy!

I've wanted to post my own EDC for a while, but always felt a little intimidated by everyone' else's shiny new gear, when most of the time I'll make do with what I have as long as it's functional. I'm over that now, though. Honestly, I couldn't care less if my notebook is scuffed and I've chewed through the end of my pen. Yes, my phone is from 2012 and my phone charger is Xmas-themed. These are things that are useful to me and I'd struggle to get through most days without them.

In addition to wanting to share a little piece of my world, I also wanted to give a flatlay a go. I've never shot this kind of thing before and wanted to try a fresh approach using orphaned, tattered books as a background - again, steering away from the shiny and new; leaning towards the older and well worn. A quick trip to The Bookshop On the Heath in Blackheath proved fruitful. I managed to snag 10 vintage children's hardbacks for £10. BARGAIN!! Make sure you pay them a visit if you're ever in the area.

So here it is. My Every Day Carry.

Here's what I have with me each day:

  • FujiFilm X100T [Buy on Amazon] - Essential every day camera. Fixed 35mm focal length and wifi to transfer photos straight to my phone for Instagram. Perfect!
  • iPhone 5 - It's on its absolute last legs right now. Constantly freezing up and crashing but still just about usable. Might be time for an upgrade soon.
  • Xmas Candy-Cane Themed Phone Charger - Battery life on my phone is appalling. This cable was literally only £3. Problem solved!
  • Apple MacBook Air 13" [Buy on Amazon] - Sometimes a phone just doesn't cut it. A quick Lightroom edit session or blog post really needs a proper laptop. Great for tethered shooting on location too. I picked this up on eBay for next to nothing. Don't underestimate older, used machines!
  • Moleskine Notebook [Buy on Amazon] - I'm a serial list writer and often just need to get an idea down. Phones are all well and good but nothing beats committing a thought or idea to paper in a cathartic, haphazard moment.
  • Uniball Pen - I chew through all my pens. I'm gross; I know. These ones seem to last longer than most, though, and have a nice, wide tip which suits my ridiculously illegible handwriting.
  • Carabiner, Keys - I have to carry keys but hate them in my pockets. Simple.
  • Card Wallet - I really dislike bulky wallets. I picked this slim card holder up during an open-studios event at Bussey Building in Peckham. It's made by The Pattern Guild and you should really check them out!
  • ACS Earplugs [Buy on Amazon] - I watch and shoot a lot of live music. I'd like to still be able to hear when I'm older. I've tried a few brands and found ACS to be the most comfortable and hard-wearing.
  • SONY ZX600 Headphones [Buy on Amazon]- Like most people, I'm constantly listening to music. These things have been all over the world with me and haven't skipped a beat.
  • Beard Comb - To stop me looking completely homeless.

As a side note, I've noticed that recently EDC posts have got a little more knife and gun heavy, which is a little unsettling. I know a lot of posts come from the USA where carrying weapons is perceived to be less of an issue but it still concerns me; the number of people walking around armed to the teeth. Is it really necessary?

Hello, World!


Behind The Scenes

I really wanted to get this shoot right. I'd had the concept floating around in my head for a while so didn't want to rush the idea.

After buying the books I put together a little test run to see if I could make the layout and spacing work. It came together pretty well.


Having tried a few setups, I settled on this layout. Clearly, though, the initial test was a little underwhelming and lacked the depth of the final shot. I wanted to add some drama, which meant lighting!

For the lighting nerds, the setup for the final shot was a combination of an Octabox, and Gridded Softbox, both positioned close, at about 45degrees to the flatlay. Much more dynamic!